Northern Ireland Masternet 2001


This is a proposal for a NI Assembly online information system covering all NI Departments' Public Service Agreements (PSAs & SDAs); i.e., a widely accessible system showing sectoral and /or local constituency outputs wherever practicable. It will thus offer crucial cross-departmental management data but also vital new information for Assembly Committees when they validate PSAs/SDAs and when considering the next year's Estimates.


Output data will be verified by the NI Audit Office & NISRA as an essential part of the Assembly's online information system. User-friendly access programmes can be designed to facilitate constituency queries, inter-departmental or Committee reviews. Thus feedback from constituents, customers and front line staff on local delivery and programme effectiveness will become an integral part of the system, available to MLAs, managers and the wider community. Finally Assembly Committees will have systematic information as estimates come forward for approval.


By-products already discussed with the NI DFP, NIAO & NISRA include the impact of the above for more effective public procurement and productivity; improving the supply base of the knowledge driven economy; explaining multi-level (incl. local) impacts of official programmes and achievements to constituents and industry alike; meeting the FOI duties and the (Equality) requirements of Section 75 of the 1998 Northern Ireland Act in an imaginative, economical and effective way.


Des McConaghy



Some relevant Des McConaghy papers:


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